It’s an easy and pleasant tour that lasts about 1.5 hours and it isn’t very challenging. We will take the old roman road and go down from the parking in Arantza (272 m) to the river of Arrata (150 m). The next stretch to San Juan Xar (130 m) will be flat and very easy.

The route is marked with white and green colors. At the beginning, the road back to the town follows the same route but then it branches off to another road that goes up until it reaches the current main road that arrives to the town. We will walk on one side of this road in the last 500 m. Before that access road was built in 1888, this road had been used by the inhabitants to access the town.

According to tradition, the water from San Juan Xar was used to cure skin diseases. For this reason, many people drink from the 3 fountains that are there or they soak cloths with that water, rub them down their skin and leave them around the fountain. Another peculiarity in San Juan Xar is that we can find white hornbeam or European hornbeam, a species that grows naturally in few places.





5,26 km.



177 m.